Star Racing

Star Racing is a free game for pc with genre: racing game. It’s time to speed amongst the stars and planets in this one-of-kind racing challenge. This isn’t your average racetrack, but a floating mega-course that looks more like the rings of Saturn than the Indy 500. This is what car racing looks like in the future: shooting stars, arcing comets, nebulas and a group of neon racers leaving their rubber-mark on the twisting and turning track. Just make sure you handle all the sudden hairpin turns. One false move and you’ll be free falling through outer space.

Game play is easy for all skill levels. It’s just a matter of getting from point A to point B without plunging off the racecourse. Fusing super-sonic graphics and a throbbing techno score, Star Racer vividly creates a vision of the future. When you download and play this free racing game, it's just like taking a journey in a time machine.

If you like games like Temple Run (R) or Subway Surfers (R) you will enjoy this free full version game too. Play this free game today and experience hours of mind-bending, intergalactic fun.

Star Racing Features
  • High quality graphics
  • Powerful sound effects and nice sound tracks
  • Selection of your desired tracks
  • Try to be a best racer of the game

System Requirements for Star Racing
  • PC Desktop or laptop computer
  • Windows Operating System

Image of Star Racing
pc game star racing

Download Star Racing
File Size: 17 MB

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